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Arena Geisingen 15.000 m Elimination Race 2013 - PowerslideTV

Powerslide just released a video of the 15 km elimination senior men filmed during the second stage of the European Inline Cup in Geisingen (Geisingen). The most beautiful indoor track in Europe see the skaters of the German brand leading the pack for two thirds of the race.

Next to them, on the outside, the EOSkates team tries to enter in the pack without success. The pack is really stretched, the speed is probably very high! This is a fairly rare thing to see such a line of skaters in an elimination race ... a World record basis!
15 laps to go: it only remains the major teams: Powerslide, EOSkates and Bont with Alexis Contin. EO Skates takes the lead, Yann Guyader is followed by his teammate Fabio Francolini. Two laps before the finish line, Yann let Fabio and Bart Swings fighting for the first place. Bart is faster, he passes the Italian World Champion. Alexis Contin completes the podium for Bont.

Arena Geisingen 15.000 m Elimination Race 2013 - PowerslideTV from Powerslide TV on Vimeo.

The last 50 laps of the 2013 Arena Geisingen International 15.000 m Elimination Race.
Live comment by Scott Arlidge & Kalon Dobbin.

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