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Powerslide will support the national federation in 2014

Powerslide will support the national federation in 2014

The German brand Powerslide is among the most dynamic in the world skating. The Bindlach firm has decided to give a boost to national federations of roller sports in 2014. Powerslide will launch a new line of products called "Powerskate". Each buyer of a "Powerskate" will benefit from a leisure membership to his national federation (if (s)he is not already member of this federation). For now, The countries involved are: France, Germany, Denmark, Holland, USA, Austria, Switzerland.

What is Powerskating?

Powerskating was born to fill a gap between speed-skating and fitness skating. Many skaters seem lost between speed-skating and fitness skating. They enjoy events such as the Berlin Marathon, they can go as fast as some speed skaters but they enjoy the comfort of their fitness skates. Powerslide has created 4 models of skates designed to give the skaters the best equipment to reach their goals.

The advantage for the national federations

In many countries, more members means more subsidies from the government, so this is a real gift made by Powerslide to national federations. Thus, Powerslide also hope to revitalize the market of skating.

Free skating clinics

On the other hand, free skating clinics will also be offered by Powerslide in collaboration with major event organizers. They will be supervised by Bart Swings, Kalon Dobbin, Felix Rijhnen and other skaters sponsored by Powerslide.
Events: 24H of Le Mans, the Berlin Marathon Cologne Marathon Dijon and Northshore Duluth (USA).

A good example that could give ideas to the other brands of skating! 

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