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Moulin Bruise! Paris RollerGirls (149-150) London Rockin' Rollers

Moulin Bruise! Paris RollerGirls (149-150) London Rockin' Rollers

The Paris RollerGirls met the London Rockin' Rollers on the occasion of an Allstars Bout, on June 22nd 2013 in Newham Leisure Center (London, UK). Final score: 149 – 150.

Summary of the bout by Kozmic Bruise on her BLOG. Back on an uncommon game, won by the Londonners after two ties (135-135 and 137-137) by one point after an extra overtime jam!

"(...) There are some games where points don't matter that much, in the end...
Moulin Bruise was one of them. And yet points never prevailed more in my whole derby experience than that time – and I wouldn't take much risk in saying it was the case of 100% of the people involved here.
TWO TIES AND A WIN BY ONE POINT. Who beat that? (...)"

Complete report here: Moulin Bruise: Paris PRG VS. London LRR

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