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Colombian selection for 2013 World Games and World Championships

Colombian selection for 2013 World Games and World Championships

The final selections of the 2013 Colombian team of speed-skating was held last weekend. 28 skaters will participate in the upcoming World Games (Cali, Colombia) and World Championships (ostende, Belgium).

2013 National Team of Colombia - speed-skating

 Junior women

Hellen MontoyaValle del CaucaSprint
Yessenia EscobarValle del CaucaSprint
Magda GarcésValle del CaucaSprint
Stephanie HurtadoBolívarSprint
Johanna ViverosBoyacáLong distance
Luz Karime GarzónValle del CaucaLong distance
Fabriana AriasAntioquiaLong distance

Junior Men

Andrés Mauricio JiménezBolívarSprint
Andrés Felipe CampoCaucaSprint
Juan Camilo PérezBolívarSprint
Edwin EstradaAntioquiaSprint
Alex CujavanteBoyacáLong distance
Juan Sebastián SanzValle del CaucaLong distance
Boris PeñaValle del CaucaLong distance

Senior Women

Jersy PuelloBolívarSprint
Elizabeth ArnedoBolívarSprint
Paola SeguraValle del CaucaSprint
Estefanía CuervoAntioquiaSprint
Rommy Melissa MuñozValle del CaucaLong distance
Luisa AgudeloAntioquiaLong distance
Jenny Paola SerranoBolívarLong distance

Senior Men

Pedro Causil RojasAntioquiaSprint
Andrés Felipe MuñozBolívarSprint
Andrés AgudeloBogotáSprint
Sebastián ArceValle del CaucaSprint
Jorge Luis CifuentesValle del CaucaLong distance
Óscar Felipe CoboValle del CaucaLong distance
Carlos Estaban PérezValle del CaucaLong distance

Technical staff

  • Elías Del Valle
  • Iván Vargas

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