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Skatecross of the Urban Plagne 2013 (France)

Skatecross of the Urban Plagne 2013 (France)

5th stage of the Skatecross series in La-Plagne (France). Jim De Paoli (SUI) took the best start of the final in the men's category, while Thomas Lieurey (FRA) was fighting to come back and thook the seconde place. Bruno Santos (POR) got third. In the women's race, Mathilde Monneron (FRA) got her second victory of the season in La Plagne. She did the best time in the qualifications, ahead of Marjorie Phlippoteau (FRA) second and Lucie Amand (FRA) 3rd.

Skatecross men

  1. De Paoli Jim (SUI)
  2. Lieurey Thomas (FRA)
  3. Santos Bruno (POR)
  4. Montavon Christian (SUI)
  5. Pechuzal Kevin (FRA)

Skatecross women

  1. Monneron Mathilde (FRA)
  2. Phlippoteau Marjorie (FRA)
  3. Amand Lucie (FRA)
  4. Daries Jenciane (FRA)
  5. Conan Maëliss (FRA)

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