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2013 World Championships: results of 300m time trial for junior ladies

2013 World Championships: results of 300m time trial for junior ladies

Here are the results of the qualifications of the junior women's 300 m Time trial at the 2013 World Championship of Speed-Skating in Oostende (Belgium). Colombia and Italy are well placed for the final! Skaters in bold are those qualified for the final ...

Junior ladies



1Yessenia EscobarCOL26,77
2Stephanie HurtadoCOL26,94
3Linda RossiITA27,31
4Alisa GutermuthGER27,36
5Kuan YingjungTPE27,55
6Daria TibertoITA27,56
7Yarubi BandrésVEN27,6
8Liu YihsuanTPE27,77
9Anais LaurentFRA27,79
10To be confirmedGER27,86
11Genesis DelgadoVEN27,86
12Stien VanhoutteBEL28,04
13To be confirmedCHN28,11
14Minjeong ParkKOR28,22
15Franchesca BellUSA28,64
16Luciana SpeiziARG28,51
17McKenzie BrowneUSA28,56
18Daniela ColilefCHL28,67
19To be confirmedCHN28,75
20To be confirmedIND29
21Dominika GardiHUN29,34
22Yuri YoshinoJAP29,42
23Jessica Van BentumNZL29,51
24Angélica Marisol DíazGTM29,61
25Gloria PereiraPOR29,94
26Marianela GiménezARG30,06
27Eleonora KopilovicHUN30,14
28Emily van der HeydenNZL30,21
29Kira YasutakaJAP30,74
30Dalia SoberanisGTM31.09
31Tiffany JamesGBR31,11
32Kirsty PullenGBR31,32
33To be confirmedIND32,25
34To be confirmedIDN32,71

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