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2013 World Championships: results of 300m time trial for junior men

2013 World Championships: results of 300m time trial for junior men

Here are the results of the qualifications of the junior men's 300 m Time trial at the 2013 World Championship of Speed-Skating in Oostende (Belgium). Once again, Colombia is at the top of the ranking... but Germany is a serious opponent...

Junior men

1Juan Camilo PérezCOL24,26
2Simon AlbrechtGER24,81
3Johan GuzmanVEN24,85
4Andrés CampoCOL24,87
5Geon Woo ParkKOR24,92
6Luis DelgadoVEN25,2
7Minsu KimKOR25,2
8Alexandre GuyomardFRA25,31
9Lee YushengTPE25,3
10Roberto FioritoITA25,33
11Matthias VosteBEL25,34
12Bi JianhuaCHN25,34
13To be confirmedTPE25,51
14To be confirmedZAF25,51
15Stefano GiliITA25,55
16To be confirmedFRA25,55
17Sebastián CerdaCHL25,56
18To be confirmedSUI25,65
19Nicolás NanniARG25,81
20To be confirmedNED25,83
21To be confirmedCHN25,88
22To be confirmedUSA25,93
23Oliver GrobSUI26,14
24To be confirmedUSA26,16
25To be confirmedIND26,36
26Liam GarrigaAUS26,4
27To be confirmedNZL26,5
28Kengo KawabataJAP26,51
29Jorge Gustavo VillaseñorGUA26,6
30Thomas PetutschniggAUS26,67
31To be confirmedNED26,84
32To be confirmed TBC26,86
33Koketso SethushaZAF26,91
34To be confirmedIND26,98
35To be confirmedAUS27,23
36Melvin Rodolfo FernándezGUA27,25
37Harry HoareGBR27,42
38Kohei KoyamaJAP28,41
39To be confirmedGBR28,42
40Martin MaestraletARG30,01

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