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Composition of the team of Netherlands for the 2014 Men's Roller-Derby World Cup

Composition of the team of Netherlands for the 2014 Men's Roller-Derby World Cup

The men's teams participating in the 2014 Men's Roller-Derby World Cup in Birmingham are being revealed one by one. Here are the Dutch skaters that will compete for the World title in England ...


Team Netherlands is just about a year going now. We practiced ± 25 hours in total in different locations. From abandoned parking garage and warehouse, to an outside track in extreme heat and lately in sportsvenues.

We consist of players from the Netherlands, Germany and England. Most players are now playing with a men's league others are, until now, just reffing or coaching with other leagues. The leagues are Roaring Thunder (Groningen), Airbomb Rollers (Arnhem), Eindhoven Bruisers (Eindhoven), Pink Peril (Heerlen), Death Row Honeys (Rotterdam), Amsterdam Derby Dames (Amsterdam), Eastside RocknRollers (Enschede), Suckcity Rollers (Breda), Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder (Lincoln, UK), Crash Test Brummies (Birmingham, UK) and RockArollers (Karlsruhe, Ger).

We have played both Battle of the Beasts, Roaring Thunder Men's Derby's  first and only home bout and the Kings of the North tournament as the Carebears. That means in all 7 bouts, in total playing time.

Men's team of Netherlands

Derby NameCharter NumberHome League
Monkey Chopper11Suckcity
Kirk Rammitt42Bruisers
Halogene43Roaring Thunder
Rollin'Reckless @505Roaring Thunder
Johnny B Rude ©585Pink Peril
Nocturnal Damage666Amsterdam
Captain Borderline747Rotterdam
Rudi Cartell981RockArollers
Ben van Hurrt8888Brummies
Jimmy Felon0%fatAmsterdam
Untitled Rush'n1FRoaring Thunder
Fairy GodfatherØ3Roaring Thunder
General Teresa Roaring Thunder
Furrrocious Amsterdam

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