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Men's roller-derby team of Belgium

Men's roller-derby team of Belgium

After France, England and the Netherlands, here is the composition of the Men's roller-derby team of Belgium that will participate in the men's roller-derby World Cup in Birmingham from 14 to 16 March 2014.

Men's roller-derby team of Belgium

  • Mr Revenge 1 - Mons'ter Munch
  • WimPlash 101 - Kevin's Gent
  • Onearmedbandit 1971 Kevin's Gent
  • Zombitch 3 - Kevin's Gent
  • Fantoohm 24 - Kevin's Gent
  • Niels on Wheels 1010 - Kevin's Gent
  • Johnson 1111 - Kevin's Gent
  • B.a. Be-Reckless 1101 - Kevin's Gent
  • Trick 0r Threat 88 - Mons'ter Munch
  • JerOminous 404 - Kevin's Gent
  • The dream Tim 420 - OLRD
  • Track Vader 1030 - Manneken Beasts
  • Dr.Gonzo 313 - Kevin's Gent
  • Rocky Ballbearing 77 - OLRD
  • Flash Bandicoot 1UP - Manneken Beasts
  • Bhurty McFly 642 NRG
  • Schuma Track 666 - Mons'ter Munch
  • Jet Poutre N6T4 - Mons'ter Munch
  • MurDuck 6.2 - Mons'ter Munch
  • Bull'Doc 3NT - Mons'ter munch

Coaches: Sir SkateAlot et Kevin Arnold.

Have you ever heard about the Animal Kingdom?

The North is known for its kangaroos, all of them called Kevin and famous for being able to give some firm waffle on your waffle. The South is known for its cock and wine, so they will make coq-au-vin of their opponents for supper. And for some reason the center is filled with little peeing dudes scary enough to make you piss your pants.

Since there are no borders in roller derby, we decided to see what happens when we gather all these weird people and mix them together. Inevitably, we got the one and only team awesome - Team Belgium.

The mix happened for the first time on Pixie Spankalots Birthday party back in January 2013, where they joined up with the Dutch and German merby men. A few short months later Team Belgium went on to win the 1st Battle of the Beasts ever against Germany and The Netherlands. From there on, the only way was up.

At Battle of the Beasts II, the wet floor tournament, Team Belgium showed their resourcefulness and eagerness for playing, inviting Team France to play an improvised bout in Antwerp. It was there the men realized they needed some strong women to temper their testosterone in order to get better, harder, faster, stronger, but mainly smarter and cleaner. Three lovely ladies, MissMiyagi Go-Go, Skinny R and ChaosGummy were up to the challenge of coaching the team, while two other brave souls, Teun and Ellen, keep the tempers low and the spirits up on the bench.

There’s no I in derby, but there is a Y, according to Team Belgium, it’s for the fun.

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