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2013 Swiss Skate Tour - Tuggen Linthmarathon

2013 Swiss Skate Tour - Tuggen Linthmarathon

The city of Tuggen hosted the final stage of the Swiss Skate Tour on September 2013, 14th, the Linthmarathon. The Swiss Skate Tour has once again crowned its professional team in the men's category with a hat-trick of Nicolas Iten, Severin Widmer and Michael Achermann. In the women's category,Deborah Keel finished ahead of Melanie Rothlisberger and Ramona Bold.

Senior men

1ITEN NicolasSUISwiss Skate Team1:04:52,6-
2WIDMER SeverinSUISwiss Skate Team1:05:31,1+0:38,5
3ACHERMANN MichaelSUISwiss Skate Team1:05:39,0+0:46,4
4CHIOTTO DavideITA 1:07:06,8+2:14,2
5GHERARDI AlessandroITA 1:09:53,3+5:00,7
6REIST YvesSUI 1:09:53,6+5:01,0
7GYR FabianSUISwiss Skate Team Talents1:09:54,1+5:01,5
8FRIEDLI YannickSUISwiss Skate Team Talents1:09:54,5+5:01,9
9KÜNG AdrianSUIJuka Speed1:09:59,2+5:06,6
10SCHALCH JanickSUISwiss Skate Team Talents1:11:50,9+6:58,3

Senior women

1KEEL DeborahSUISwiss Skate Team Ladies1:22:39,8-
2RÖTHLISBERGER MélanieSUISwiss Skate Team Ladies1:22:40,0+0:00,2
3HÄRDI RamonaSUI 1:22:40,0+0:00,2
4ACKERET JeanineSUISwiss Skate Team Ladies1:22:40,1+0:00,3
5VON BURG RinaSUI 1:22:43,3+0:03,5
6ZIMMERMANN TabeaSUI 1:29:55,8+7:16,0
7FRITSCHE NatalieSUIJUKA LADIES1:47:04,8+24:25,0

Complete results are available here

Photo : Esther and Stephan Keel (www.skate4Fun.ch) 

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