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Results of the 2013 Inline Downhill World Championship and World Cup

Results of the 2013 Inline Downhill World Championship and World Cup

Here are the complete results of the 2013 Inline Downhill World Championship and World Cup. The event was held in Lyon (France) on September, 21.

2013 Inline Downhill World Championship

Inline Cross

2013 Inline Downhill World Cup

Results of the World Cup

About the penalty applied on Harry Perna: message from the IIDA

We would like to explain the decision taken by the judge commission, regarding the penalty applied on Harry Perna for its championship run.

The FIRS (Federation International de Roller Sports) World Championship is the biggest event of the year for every inline downhill riders and the only one officially sanctioned by a FIRS judge commission. This commission is composed of two international FIRS judges, one regional judge and the race director.

The facts are:

 An official complaint has been lodged by the Austrian team within the 15 minutes time limit after Harry Perna race, accusing him of jumping a chicane. Jumping a chicane is a fault. It represents lack of respect towards the track.

This complaint has been examinated by the 3 judges and the race director. The decision taken by the commission was based on an official video footage of the chicane area which had been taken by the time-keeping company (Vercors Informatique).

Specific regulations regarding the chicanes and the respect of the track had been released by the organization; these regulations have been communicated to every competitor and also during the riders briefing on Saturday morning (before the training runs) and in early afternoon (before the competition). The following rule has been reminded to the competitors:

The track should be respected : if somebody jump over a chicane or cut the track in order to gain some time, he will be sanctioned by a disqualification. Every kind of disrespect of the chicane by any way (moved, hit or missed) will be sanctioned by a 5 seconds penalty. This penalty was decided to strongly advise the competitors to respect the track and thus these 3 chicanes.


Harry Perna jumped on the last chicane, he didn’t jump over it (otherwise he would have been disqualified) but he jumped on the right side of it. This jump avoids him to hit the chicane, which would have lead to a loss of time and a penalty of 5 seconds. The judge committee assimilates this jump as disrespect of the chicane and of the course and for that reason, it decided to give Harry PERNA a penalty of 5 seconds.

We congratulate Harry PERNA for his performance but he was the only competitor of this FIRS World Championship who « played » with this chicane during his run. Others competitors respected the regulations.

This penalty is hard but fair as regulations should be respected. Without these regulations and in order to be fair, other competitors should have also won some precious seconds by “playing” with this chicane.

The current decision from the judge commission is final.

                                                               Alexandre LEBRUN
Judge commission member of 14th FIRS World Championship 2013

Photo: Colin Morin

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