On 05 December 2013 at 20:12 | updated 05 December 2013 at 20:52

« Off road pacing » / Part 1

The following video was shown for and during the ZAT (Temporary Artistic Zone). Every clip and image were shot in the small area where this cultural event took place. Over 40000 people may have seen this video which aim was to explain to an unsuspecting audience the way rollerbladers alternatively look upon the city.

Arpentage hors piste / Off road pacing from DAVAÏ on Vimeo.

« Off road pacing » / Part 2 will be available within the next weeks. This second movie will show what Matthieu Heinemann, Remy Meister, Charlie Ruckly, Hadrien Bastouil and Thomas Riffaud have managed to do live in the streets, in front of the public. It will also give you an insight of the project with testimonies and interviews from the artistic director of the ZAT, city planners and the whole team who took part in the success of this project.

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