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A new 3 wheels skate by Cardiff Skate

A new 3 wheels skate by Cardiff Skate

The Cardiff Skate Company unveiled a new type of skate at the ISPO 2014 in Munich (Germany). This model has three 100 wheels: one on the front and two on the sides. The fourth wheel on the rear is a brake. The frame of the skate is adjustable and you can use your own shoes with it.

How does it work?

  • First of all, we recommende you to use mid-cut shoes to get a better support
  • Open the strap
  • Then, slide the front of your shoe under the front strap, up against the toe stop
  • Put your foot in the skate
  • Then, your foot will push a button under your shoe, this will automatically adjust the size
  • Make sure you heel is secure in the heel pocke and the front of the shoe is against the toe stop
  • Tighten the buckle 

Lift the heel for braking: the rear wheel will touch the frame and the ground at the same time, providing a smooth braking (as on a scooter). 
The concept is fairly manageable despite its three wheels. We suggested to the manufacturer to add an additional strap on the instep to get a better control/support.

More information on: cardiffskate.com

CSC-HowToVideo v2snpshts-H.264 from Cardiff Skate Co. on Vimeo.

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