On 26 February 2014 at 20:02 | updated 27 February 2014 at 08:55

Super Brawl of Roller Derby

Super Brawl of Roller Derby

Roller derby tournament gathering Team France, Team England and Team Canada, in Nantes (FRA) on Saturday Feb. 15th.

Team France ( 54 - 385 ) Team England
Team England ( 259 - 145 ) Team Canada
Team France ( 96 - 450 ) Team Canada

"For our first official international event, Team France put the bar high in inviting Team Canada and Team England for a tournament on the French land. The sports complex of Nantes hosted 1300 people on Saturday, Feb. 15th, for a whole afternoon and evening of bouts, starting with France/England, then England/Canada and Canada/France to finish with." MORE>


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