On 27 February 2014 at 08:02 | updated 10 March 2014 at 08:05

Cityhopper Europe: Sven Boekhorst

The Cityhopper. Destroys non-skateable spots with ease and finesse! Last year the team of enthusiasts, rollerbladers and friends worked on this rewarding video project. It al started in 2012 with Cityhopper Netherlands.

Cityhopper Europe takes it up a notch; the team travelled through Europe and visited some of the most influential and cultural capitols with the signature jumpramp. Showcasing the cities environment from a new perspective; a rollerbladers view. Professional athlete Sven Boekhorst is captured in his natural habitat, skating the streets and using this as his playground. Producer SB Events, who teamed up with Rollerblade, presents an unique road trip through Europe when visiting cities as: Brussels, Barcelona, London, Paris and Berlin. Set to a highly-energetic soundtrack mixed by DJ DNS, this short film is certainly a crowd-pleaser.

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Cityhopper credits

Skater: Sven Boekhorst
Editing: Axel van Dijk
Camera: Axel van Dijk Remy Cadier
Graphics: Niels Groenendijk
Production: Timmy v. Rixtel Dominic Swagemaker Randy Abels Dick Heerkens 

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