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The Australian team for the 2014 Men's Roller Derby World Cup

The Australian team for the 2014 Men's Roller Derby World Cup

Here are more information about the Australian team for the 2014 Men's Roller Derby World Cup in Birmingham...

Derby NameCharter
Home League
Skate Pilgrim0Victorian Vanguard
Oliver Sudden8Perth Men’s Derby (PMD)
Sausarge Rolls11Tas. Men's Derby
Rogue n Josh47Light City Derby (LCD)
Ass n Junk (Stephens)57Sydney City SMASH (SMASH)
Justin Credible75SMASH
Bohemian Slapcity (Ritchie)77SMASH
Flamin’ Galah80Victorian Vanguard
Monkey Nuts88SMASH
Kernel Panic89SMASH
Copter173Brisbane City Rollers (BCR)
HP Shovecraft404BCR
Son of Skatin'505Victorian Vanguard
Synaptic Kid633Tweed Valley Rollers ( TVR)
Annabelle Lecter Sydney Roller Derby League
I.V. Anarchy Victorian Roller Derby League

"You shall not pass"

Our Skaters and Staff represent 9 different leagues from 7 different cities. There are 4,000 Kilometres between Perth and Australia's East Coast. The Wizards of Aus have bouted against The New Zealand Black Skates last August, this  included a two full day bootcamp. Ten from our Twenty World Cup Wizards are from last year's bout.

This year we will have a one day camp in Sydney followed by our long trip to Scotland (12,585Km's) where we will train with and bout against The Power of Scotland.

Aussies love their sport and they love their national teams! Our growing Men's Derby community here in Aus have come together to present Australia's finest derby talent. Our Wizards are proud to represent Australia at the first Men's Roller Derby World Cup and proud to show the World what Aussie derby is made of.


  • SMASH - Sydney SMASH Bros. - Sydney NSW New South Wales
  • BCR - The Scartel -Brisbane QLD Queensland
  • Victorian Vanguard - The Vanguard - Melbourne VIC Victoria
  • PMD - The Rampage - Perth WA Western Australia
  • LCD - Light City Sabres - Adelaide SA South Australia
  • Tas. - Bass Straight Brawlers - Tasmania TAS
  • TVR - Tweed Valley Vikings - Tweed Valley NSW New South Wales

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