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Team Germany Mens Roller Derby

Team Germany Mens Roller Derby

Please find below the list of skaters which compose Team Germany Mens Roller Derby for the 2014 Men's Roller Derby World Cup in Birmingham (England)...

Derby NameCharter NumberHome League
Skagent Smoofoo7SGMRD
Bruise Wheelies101Delta Quads
Jam Pain11SGMRD
Real Axt12SGMRD
Dr. Frankenskate24SGMRD
Mahatma Bronson3SGMRD
Baltic Basterd308H.O.S.S.A.
Bloodred Kelly4SGMRD
Coast Buster572H.O.S.S.A.
Hard X-Blocker60H.O.S.S.A.
East Cider69H.O.S.S.A.
JC77Crash Test Brummies
Zäpp van Zmäkk777H.O.S.S.A.
Hell G. Slider96SGMRD
Bella KarloffaBench Coach 99H.O.S.S.A.
ElliMinateLine up 8SGMRD


Mens Roller Derby in Germany is relatively new, and just like in most other countries of Europe, most of the players themselves were already involved in Roller Derby, either as  officials or coaches, so it wasn’t such a big step from being either a Reff /NSO, or coach, to hitting the track to become a player.  

In 2012 our bench coach Bella Karloffa was reffing at the first MERDC in Birmingham and decided to bring Mens Roller Derby to Germany. A couple of months later, the very first team was founded (october 2012) in the north of Germany, named H.O.S.S.A. (Hot Outstanding Super Sailor Allstars).  

In january 2013, H.O.S.S.A. and some players from the south took part in a legendary scrimmage in the Netherlands, and after this chaotic, but fun game, everybody was sure that they wanted to continue and help grow Mens Roller Derby in Europe.   It was at this same time that S.G.M.R.D. (South German Mens Roller Derby) was born. Just like in the north, their players came from different cities (Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Munich, Ludwigsburg and Mannheim).  

For the Battle of the Beasts in April 2013 we formed Team Germany, and without even having one training session together, we took the challenge of playing against the Netherlands and Belgium ....we didnt regret it and had alot fun and wanted more!  

There were only two teams in Germany, so because of this, in August 2013 we decided to host the very first German Mens Roller Derby Championships and not long after the womens teams had their championships in june 2013, H.O.S.S.A. and S.G.M.R.D. met in a historic bout in Stuttgart …and the rest, as they say, is history!  

Mens Roller Derby was becoming unstoppable, and so happened the Battle of the Beasts II in October 2013, but this time with so many more countries! Only this time we got the opportunity to have one training session together, it really helped, and we did very well.   We are really pleased to see that two more Mens Roller Derby teams are starting up -  (Mens Roller Derby Berlin and A.B.B.A. Men’s Roller Derby from Frankfurt), along with two Co-ed leagues(Red Lion Roller Derby and Delta Quads).   That are almost ready to start bouting! Hopefully this growth will help us to organise more training sessions as currently, mens teams do not have the opportunity to practice regulary on a weekly basis, which is partly due to the fact that there are big distances between where all of our players live, but we love it, and we are so happy to be part of the first ever World Cup! We can’t wait to see all the teams from all over the world playing fantastic derby.   

Our Captain will be JC from Wolverhampton/England (Team: Crash Test Brummies). With his knowledge and experience, he will hopefully help lead us to some victories! Lovely greetings to his german grandma!   Our bench staff are Ellie Minate (coach from SGMRD and also coach and skater for Stuttgart Valley RollerGirls and Team Germany) and Bella Karloffa (coach from H.O.S.S.A., Official and former newbie-coach for the Hamburg Harbor Girls).

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