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German Inline Cup in Francfort (Germany)

German Inline Cup in Francfort (Germany)

The eighth edition of the Rhein-Main Skate-Challenge was held on May 2014, 1st on the shores of the Rhine (Germany) Around 500 skaters were on the start line for this stage of the German Inline Cup. Katja Ulbrich (TS Bayreuth) and Gary Hekman (Team Van Werven) won women's and mens races. Note: the 3rd place in fitness category for Sebastian Becker, the former organizer of Cologne's skating marathon.

Speed Women

  1. Katja Ulbrich (TS Bayreuth)
  2. Juliette Pouydebat (EOSkates)
  3. Sabine Berg ( Powerslide Matter)

Speed Men

  1. Gary Hekman (Team Van Werven)
  2. Elton de Souza (EOSkates)
  3. Bart Swings (Powerslide Matter)

Fitness Women

  1. Daniela Sprenger (Speed Inliner Basilisk)
  2. Stefanie Michel Trepke (Wolfenschiessen)
  3. Theresa Ricke (RSC Aachen)

Fitness Men

  2. Thomas Gaisser (Rhein-Neckar-Skater)
  3. Sebastian Becker (Köln Marathon Team/CST Köln)

Complete results

Ladies - 42 km (GIC Speed): http://bit.ly/1mWWUds 
Men - 42 km (GIC Speed): http://bit.ly/1o2aaLf 
Ladies - 42 km (GIC Fitness): http://bit.ly/S8xTPP 
Men - 42 km (GIC Fitness): http://bit.ly/1pMQMGS 
Ladies - 21 km: http://bit.ly/QYacJh 
Men - 21 km: http://bit.ly/1krGpTd 
Ladies - 70 km: http://bit.ly/1krGwOz 
Men - 70 km: http://bit.ly/1rMMMU7 

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