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Results of freestyle competitions in Rennes sur Roulettes (France)

Results of freestyle competitions in Rennes sur Roulettes (France)

The 32th edition of Rennes sur Roulettes was held last weekend. The event proposed slalom and skatecross competitions. Here are the main results

Yohan Fort (Fra) won the second step of the World Skate Cross Series in the city of Rennes, France. Cedric Senelier (Fra) took the second place and Léandre Mage finished 3rd.

Aurore Costabile (Fra) won the women’s final, in front of Tiffany Derisbourg (Fra) and Jessica Billard (Fra)

In the Team Cross compétition, « Les Minots », team composed by Yohan Fort and Flavien Du Peloux, won the final against « Les Rouleurs » (Cédric Senelier and Jonathan Duclos). « Tarzan & Cheetah » Team (Léandre Mage and Maxence Clusaz) took the 3rd place.


1- Yohan Fort (Fra)
2- Cédric Sénelier (Fra)
3- Léandre Mage (Fra)
4- Guy Sow (Fra)
5- Martin Barrau (Fra)

WSX Women

1- Aurore Costabile (Fra)
2- Tiffany Derisbourg (Fra)
3- Jessica Billard (Fra)
4- Lucie Amand (Fra)
5- Maëliss Conan (Fra)

The Full results are available here:

Photo : Julien Ermine

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