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EOSkates team wins in Sempach (Switzerland)

EOSkates team wins in Sempach (Switzerland)

A stage of the 2014 Swiss Skate Tour was held in Sempach (Switzerland). EOSkates took the first places in the men's race with Yann Guyader (FRA) and Elton de Souza (FRA). Michael Achermann (Swiss Skate Team) is third.

The Swiss Skate team and the italian skaters attacked a lot during the first lap of the race (2 laps of 20km each)... but the black and red guys closed the gap.
The second lap was more quiet. 10km to go, Yann Guyader escaped. Elton de Souza managed to catch him. They crossed the line together. Yann proved that is he was still in shape, despite of rumors.
The Sempach marathon gathered more than 500 skaters on its amazing course. This race is very popular in Switzerland, especially among disabled athletes. The event got a good audience on local and national sport channels.

Marathon - men's results

  1. Guyader Yann, 1984, Nantes 1:01.18,29
  2. De Souza Elton, 1991, Toulouse 1:01.18,45
  3. Achermann Michael, 1989, Stans 1:02.05,74 (5)

Marathon - women's results

  1. Ulbrich Katja, 1988, D-Bayreuth 1:05.08,57
  2. Heim Flurina, 1989, Samedan 1:08.35,25
  3. Vigie Margaux, 1995, F-Salles 1:08.37,15

Complete results here: Web site of the timer

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