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Berlin Skating Marathon: this is the end?

Berlin Skating Marathon: this is the end?

We got the bad news today in our mailbox, the famous Berlin Skating Marathon is in danger!

Press release

" Friends of skate-IN,

Surely we all agree that inline-skating is one of the greatest pleasures in the world. Whether as a relaxing hobby in your free time or as an all-out competitive sport, it doesn't matter what form it takes; skating is simply a way of life. And there is no greater expression of this passion than the Berlin Marathon, when both the people of Berlin and the event itself welcome us once a year so that we can compete get our fill of endorphins and adrenaline.

But sadly, due to dwindling participation in recent years, the Marathon is on the brink of cancellation. The local event organizers are fighting to keep the marathon alive, but ultimately we can't ignore the facts, and these are, without any doubt the number of participants.

So with that in mind, we make this appeal. To any and all of you that hold the Berlin Marathon and its ilk dear, we need to mobilize the skaters of the world to promote the Berlin Marathon on the 27th of September. Get on social media, spread the word to your friends, and maybe if we stand together, we can make a noise loud enough to ensure the survival of Our Berlin Marathon.

Skaters for the Berlin Marathon: login, take part, and send a clear message. "

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