On 11 September 2014 at 18:09 | updated 11 September 2014 at 18:30

The Berlin Bombshells at the 2014 Kitchener WFTDA D2 Playoffs

Bear City Roller Derby qualified for the Division 2 Playoffs taking place in Kitchener, Canada on August 22-24. The only European team was number 9 seed out of 10 teams and made their way up to the finals, where they lost by three points. Live their adventures from within...

"In early July, the WFTDA20 players of the league had a special meeting to vote whether to go or decline the invitation. Two main problems stood out: Money and availability. We were flat broke from our previous trip to Florida and didn't have money to pay for another trip. Moreover, taking another week off of work also meant less money entering our wallets. Sounded like a catch-22!

On the other hand: Why had we played at the Beach Brawl in the first place, if not to climb up the rankings and flirt with D2? We had dreamt of this but forgotten to prepare for reality. We had to make it work not to turn our Beach Brawl feat into a sterile shot in the dark. (...)"



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