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Berlin marathon: Bart Swings and Manon Kamminga faster than ever

Berlin marathon: Bart Swings and Manon Kamminga faster than ever

Two course records at the 41st BMW BERLIN-MARATHON Inline Skating. The Belgian Bart Swings only needed 58:10 min to win. Even Manon Kammina (NED) finished with a new PB of 1:07:44 h. Among 5652 skaters they celebrated a great race on a clear day having already won lasts years edition of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON Inline Skating.

One year ago, Bart Swings (Powerslide/Matter Race Team) finished at 59:28 min as first skater in Berlin under one hour. This year however, he proved that he hasn't reached his limits, yet. "From the beginning on, we wanted to attack and race at a high pace" states Swings after the race. After two kilometers he dared to attack, and only Severin Widmer (Swiss Skate Team, CH) kept up. In collaboration they managed to put more distance between them and the following field. After 40 minutes even Severin Widmer had to let go of the Belgian. Swings: "I was hoping that Severin would stay with me for 45 minutes, so that I wouldn't have to race on my own for such a long time."
With velocities up to 60 km/h Swings completed the final 14 kilometers on his own upping his distance to Widmer and the main field. "I wanted to set a new course record" he confessed after the race. He finished in 58:10 min. Widmer followed about three minutes later in 1:01:01 h. Gary Hekman outraced the following field and finished third in 1:02:48 h only an instant before Felix Rhijnen who as the first german came in fourth.
Severin Widmer will also take part in the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON on Sunday. It will be his first time completing a marathon competition running.

Women going for course record

In the women's race hardly anyone attacked at first, however, the split times indicated a high pace. After a leading group of six athletes managed to set off, Manon Kamminga (Powerslide/Matter Race Team) left the group behind in the last quarter of the race maintaining her leading position until the end. With a time of 1:07:44 h she has distinctly beaten the former course record of 1:08:29 h. „I'm very happy winning Berlin for the second time. In contrast to last year I already knew on the final straight that I'm in the lead." she states. Her german team mate Katharina Rumpus came in second with a time of 1:09:15 h, closely followed by Elma de Vries who arrived in third position (1:09:15/NED/Team Sprog).
The race's biggest interference happened in connection with a accompanying motorcycle at km 16 when almost every female elite skater tumbled in a sharp right turn. Two male and one female racer had to be taken to a hospital, says Dr. Lars Brechtel, Medical Director of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON.
For the first time, Germans most important competition series, the GERMAN INLINE CUP, had its final at the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON. After the last race of the season, Katharina Rumpus and Tobias Hecht have been honoured as the overall winner of the professional league, Daniela Sprenger and Thomas Gaisser in the fitness league.

Senior men

1Swings, Bart(BEL)Powerslide/Matter Race Team00:58:10
2Widmer, Severin(SUI)Swiss Skate Team01:01:01
3Hekman, Gary(NED)Team van Werven01:02:48
4Rijhnen, Felix(GER)Powerslide/Matter Race Team01:02:48
5Fernandez, Ewen(FRA)Powerslide/Matter Race Team01:02:48
6Sibiet, Tim(BEL)Chauvin Arnoux01:02:48
7Wenger, Livio(SUI)Powerslide/Matter Race Team01:02:48
8Swings, Maarten(BEL)Powerslide/Matter Race Team01:02:49
9Bugari, Riccardo(ITA)A.S.D. Pattinatori Samben...01:02:49
10Cuncu, Giacomo(GER)SCC Berlin/Cuncu Custom B...01:02:49
11Harink, Jordy(NED)Team van Werven01:02:49
12Horsten, Mark(NED)BOOM01:02:49
13Niero, Daniel(ITA)X-Tech World Team01:02:49
14Melis, Matteo(ITA)X-Tech World Team01:02:49
15Ramali, Pascal(GER)Powerslide01:02:49
16Reist, Yves(SUI)Speed Skater Zug01:02:49
17Pedro, David(POR)Team Nobel Education Netw...01:02:49
18Iten, Nicolas(SUI)Swiss Skate Team01:02:49
19Meulders, Karel(BEL)CHAUVIN ARNOUX01:02:49
20Alario, Gaetano(ITA)X-Tech World Team01:02:49

Senior women

1Kamminga, Manon(NED)Powerslide/Matter Race Team01:07:44
2Rumpus, Katharina(GER)Powerslide/Matter Race Team01:09:15
3de Vries, Elma(NED)Team Sprog01:09:15
4Canha, Andreia(POR)Team Nobel Education Netw...01:09:18
5Strüver, Tina(GER)CadoMotus Frauenteam01:09:25
6Ulbrich, Katja(GER)TS Bayreuth01:09:28
7Roosenboom, Bianca(NED)Team Sprog01:13:27
8Buurman, Lisanne(NED)BOOM01:13:28
9Rigas, Elena(DEN)CadoMotus01:13:29
10Heim, Flurina(SUI)Zuger Speedskater01:13:29
11Henneken, Claudia Maria(GER)CadoMotus Frauenteam01:13:29
12Ralkov, Vicky(DEN)Rolling Vikings01:13:31
13van der Geest, Lisa(NED)CadoMotus01:13:31
14Willems, Janita(NED) 01:13:32
15Gaiser, Larissa(GER)TSV Bernhausen01:13:32
16Bugari, Marta(ITA)A.S.D. Pattinatori Samben...01:13:32
17Crediet, Gerline(NED) 01:13:33
18Gegner, Jana(GER)SCC Berlin01:13:36
19Hager, Miriam(AUT)USC-Innsbruck01:13:37
20Rondina, Sara(ITA)DI Body Powerslide Italie...01:14:22

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