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Clémence Halbout and Nolan Beddiaf: Winners in Lyon, France.

Clémence Halbout and Nolan Beddiaf: Winners in Lyon, France.

The penultimate stage of the World Cup of Skating Marathons was held on Place Bellecour in Lyon, France. The Skating Marathon saw the victory of the EOSkates formation who kept on launching attacks throughout the race to shake off Guillaume de Mallevoue (2APN Avon 77) without success... EOSkates finally took the advantage during the sprint. Nolan Beddiaf imposed himself in front of Yann Guyader, Raphaël Planelles and Elton de Souza. Guillaume de Mallevoue took the 5th place.

In the Women's, the Halbout sisters animated most of the race. Clémence final broke away one lap and a half before the finish line. She won with a comfortable lead in front of her sister Justine, and Maelann Le Roux.

Next stage of the French Cup next week at Brétigny-sur-Orge (91).

Scratch ranking - Women's Marathon

1HALBOUTClémencesenior2 APN AVON 7701:15:30.654
2HALBOUTJustinesenior2 APN AVON 7701:16:28.298
3LE ROUXMaelann- 20 ansRAC Saint-Brieuc01:16:28.646
4POUYDEBATJulietteseniorPibrac Roller Skating01:16:30.607
5MICHELChloe- 20 ansLes Patineurs d'Herbauges01:16:30.942
6BALANDRASFlavieseniorLyon Roller01:16:35.631
7ALLIAUDJosephine- 20 ansClub Roller Reillanne01:16:39.800
9DUPLENNEGaelleV1Rennes Etudiant Club01:18:40.324
10COGNARDCélineseniorCPB Belleville01:18:40.597

Scratch ranking - Men's Marathon

4DE SOUZAEltonSHEOSkates01:05:14.382
5DE MALLEVOUEGuillaumeSH2 APN AVON 7701:05:17.080
6LEVRARDJulienSHRoller Sports Saint-Pierrais01:05:19.048
9THIEBAULTValentin20HCPB Belleville01:07:38.939
10SANCHEZNicolasSHLe Roller du Touch01:08:59.463

Scratch ranking - Women's Semi-Marathon

1GEOFFROYChloéMinimeLigne Droite39:01.186
2DUMONTEliseMinimeLes Fous de la Roulettes40:30.851
3SOUTERENECécileLeisureLyon Roller40:36.089
4DELHOMMAISAliciaMinimeAsphalte Roller Rixheim40:36.745
5ZABKAManonMinimeAmicale Laïque des Couets41:07.604
6LEAUTAUDAmelieLeisureGénérations Roller41:21.574
7JAVEZSaloméMinimeQRC 2541:21.649
8DELORMEJulieMinimeLes Fous de la Roulettes41:21.968
9FORETJulieLeisureASCAP Roller Skating42:06.203
10OLLIERHélèneMinimeRolling to Gap42:42.108

Scratch ranking - Men's Semi-Marathon

1VIDALAntoineMinimeRoller Skating Launagais35:34.927
2LEONClémentMinimeMont-Blanc Roller35:54.903
4LAIEBJonahMinimeAsphalte Roller Rixheim38:13.542
5FOURNIERNicolasMinimeLes Fous de la Roulettes38:58.059
6GILMattiasMinimeSaint-Etienne Roller38:58.294
7SIMONPierreMinimeAsphalte Roller Rixheim38:58.538
9CHAPELONThomasMinimeSaint-Etienne Roller38:58.765
10PENVERNChristopheLeisureAROC Riders38:59.223

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The full results will be soon available on the Website of the French Cup of Skating Marathons.

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