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Schedule of the 2015 World Rink Hockey Championship in Vendée (France)

Schedule of the 2015 World Rink Hockey Championship in Vendée (France)

The schedule of the games of the 2015 World Rink Hockey Championship is available. The event will take place from 20 to 27 June 2015 in Vendée (France). 16 teams will be playing for the World title. The first part of the week is devoted to qualifying games and the second part to finals.

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Saturday 20 June 2015

M114H30MozambiqueEnglandGr. B
M216H10AngolaNetherlandsGr. A
M317H50ArgentinaSwitzerlandGr. B

Opening Ceremony (7h30 PM)

M421H00FranceSpainGr. A

Sunday 21 June 2015

M508H30BrazilAustriaGr. C
M610H10ChileSouth AfricaGr. D
M711H50PortugalGermanyGr. C
M813H30ItalyColombiaGr. D
M916H00EnglandArgentinaGr. B
M1017H40SpainAngolaGr. A
M1119H20SwitzerlandMozambiqueGr. B
M1221H00NetherlandsFranceGr. A

Monday 22 June 2015

M1316H00GermanyBrazilGr. C
M1417H40South AfricaItalyGr. D
M1519H20AustriaPortugalGr. C
M1621H00ColombiaChileGr. D

Tuesday 23 June 2015

M1708H30SwitzerlandEnglandGr. B
M1810H10SpainNetherlandsGr. A
M1911H50ArgentinaMozambiqueGr. B
M2013H30GermanyAustriaGr. C
M2116H00South AfricaColombiaGr. D
M2217H40PortugalBrazilGr. C
M2319H20ChileItalyGr. D
M2421H00FranceAngolaGr. A

Wednesday 24 June 2015


Thursday 25 June 2015

M2508H303rd Gr. A4th Gr. B/
M2610H103rd Gr. B4th Gr. A/
M2711H503rd Gr. C4th Gr. D/
M2813H303rd Gr. D4th Gr. C/
M2916H001st Gr. A2nd Gr. BQuarterfinal
M3017H401st Gr. B2nd Gr. AQuarterfinal
M3119H201st Gr. C2nd Gr. DQuarterfinal
M3221H001st Gr. D2nd Gr. CQuarterfinal

Friday 26 June 2015

M3308H00Loser 25Loser 28/
M3410H10Loser 26Loser 27/
M3511H50Winner 25Winner 28/
M3613H30Winner 26Winner 27/
M3716H00Loser 29Loser 32/
M3817H40Loser 30Loser 31/
M3919H20Winner 29Winner 32Semifinal
M4021H00Winner 30Winner 31Semifinal

Saturday 27 June 2015

M4108H30Loser 33Loser 3415 and 16
M4210H10Winner 33Winner 3413 and 14
M4311H50Loser 35Loser 3611 and 12
M4413H30Winner 35Winner 369 and 10
M4516H00Loser 37Loser 387 and 8
M4617H40Winner 37Winner 385 and 6
M4719H20Loser 39Loser 403 and 4
M4821H00Winner 39Winner 40FINAL

Closing Ceremony (22H45)

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