On 13 February 2015 at 23:02 | updated 21 February 2015 at 19:51

The American Federation of Roller Sports in full restructuring

The American Federation of Roller Sports in full restructuring

A press release on the American federation of Roller Sports was issued on teamusa.org.

Dan Brown, the new president of USARS, browses the main projects on which he has focused since his arrival.

Financial aspect:

  • Reduction of office expences by 250.000 USD with staff reduction
  • Slight increase of national entry fees and amateur card fees
  • Renegociation of insurances

The aim of all these financial measures is to rebalance the budgets and ensure a good management of the USARS programs in 2015. A provisional budget has been created, which didn't seem to be systematic in the past.
USARS posted a financial loss for the 2014 season, "but not as much loss as in previous years". An additional 200.000 USD loan was offered by an American foundation "to support competitive roller skating".


Sport committees keep an important place but "the [executive] board maintains oversight of each [of them]". However, USARS considers that committees are best placed to "mak[e] suggestions (...) for [their] discipline". USARS hopes to become "more responsive and more likely to grow membership", in each sport discipline this season.


USARS has "increased its communication on social media" for more transparency. Social media are means for exchange, even with non current member, with constructive discussions. Coaches are another cummunication tool for USARS. They are in direct contact with the public and generate membership. They feed back expectations and needs to "potentially make improvements in competitive struture, finance, membership, etc.". The president and the executive board "hope to have more frequent OPEN forums to communicate challenges and successes this season."


The president mentions legal matters where the USARS complied with a request for budget review by the Nebraska Attorney General. Dan Brown repeats that "there is nothing to hide".

New leadership

"USARS has new leadership with a new president, vice-president and treasurer", as well as new committees. "All these changes are meant to improve the sport and the ability to manage resources for the organization."

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