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Results of the 2015 Master European Championships of Marathon in Salerno, Italy

Results of the 2015 Master European Championships of Marathon in Salerno, Italy

The Master European Championship of Skating Marathon took place in Salerno, Italy, on May 24th, 2015. The French were present, a few weeks before the Master World Championships of Skating Marathon in Dijon, France.


Women's: Two French medals


Let's note the well-deserved 3rd place of Gaëlle Duplenne in the F40 category. She finishes neck and neck with the 2nd, Karen Tueling. Claudia Pechstein, ice champion, wins the race in the category once again. Karine Malle finishes 6th.
In the F50 category, Claudie Duval misses the Top-3 by a whisker and ends up 4th. Lidia Rainoldi finishes 6th.
In the F60 category, there were only 4 skaters, Christiane Buquant gets the Bronze for France, one second behind the winner.


Men's: Unsuccesful!


Emmanuelle Salle wasn't up to fight against the Italian and Spanish formations, he finishes 5th at the general ranking in the M30 category.
In the M50 category, Jean-Jacques Morpurgo finishes 7th behind a Spanish-Italian train, while Christophe Girard arrived 13th. Thomas Perret is 15th.
In the M60 category, Elhadi Beddiaf ranks 5th, a few seconds behind the Italian winner, Giuseppe Presti. 


Complete results in .pdf


Results of the F30 category
Results of the F40 category
Results of the F50 category
Results of the F60 category
Results of the M30 category
Results of the M40 category
Results of the M50 category
Results of the M60 category

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