On 30 July 2015 at 22:07 | updated 01 August 2015 at 12:54

2015 Show Bouill’en Roller Skate Festival (France)

This is the official film of Show Bouill’en Roller Skate Festival 2015 ! A bunch of intense moments from a great Downhill Skating and skateboard racing weekend in France (La Bouille, Normandy, France), superb Norman landscapes seen from above, looks, laughers, slips, simply some fun !



This 2015 edition (May 08th/09 th/10 th), organized by the USF Longskate (aka RidersEnBray), together with several French Federation clubs (Haute-Normandie Roller Sports League and the town of La Bouille), was a real roller/skate festival gathering:

  • France 2015 Downhill Championship (longskate, streetluge, buttboard)
  • Roller World Cup Downhill IIDA leg
  • Many activities / exhibitions (roller hockey, skating race, artistic roller skating, roller skating hiking ...).

Film made by Highline Films agency 

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