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London Rom Skatepark classified as a historic monument

London Rom Skatepark classified as a historic monument

The recognition of skateboard as a culture has gained ground. The Rom Skatepark has been classified as a historic monument by the English Heritage, the organization in charge of the management of the British cultural heritage. It is the second skatepark in the world to be classified after the Bro Bowl in Tampa, Florida, in October 2013.

The Rom Skatepark, built in 1978 at the instigation of Shotcrete, was the first facility of East London. It was designed by G-Force/Adrian Rolt and built by Skate Park Construction. It was based on the reference American designs of the time, and inspired in particular by the pool in Spring Valley. The 5-meter bowl was also designed based on an American prototype, the Vertibowl of the Paramount Skatepark in California. The buried sections were completed by a 1.5 m wall. Since then, the wall has been removed.

The park also has a series of 6 small bowls and a snake that multiplies the line options. Wood ramps saw the light and were dismantled along the years. In short, the facility lives and renews itself along the years!

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