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Bont & MPC Revive Speed Skating Wheels With Aluminum Hubs

Bont & MPC Revive Speed Skating Wheels With Aluminum Hubs

In 2005, skate brands like Intzcore had released 100 mm speed skating wheels with aluminum hubs. The price was so steep at the time that it had discouraged most clients, just like the lack of comfort of such a rigid hub.

This technology makes its comeback in 2016: Bont, in partnership with MPC, releases the Red Magic Hardcore in 125 mm. The Australian brand argues that the bigger the wheel the bigger the flexibility, which explains their interest in aluminum hubs. Bont skater Gary Hekman won the first race of the season with the Vattenfall half-marathon in Berlin. On rectilinear courses like that of Berlin and with a body buit as imposing as that of Gary Hekman, aluminum is interesting indeed... Maybe less on winding courses or on track...

While several other brands opt for a 20-22 mm hub width, Bont / MPC went for 24 mm. The wheel has a dual density PU.

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