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Results of the 2016 World Inline Cup in Incheon, South Korea

Results of the 2016 World Inline Cup in Incheon, South Korea

3000 skaters from 12 different countries met in Incheon for hte first stage of the 2016 World Inline Cup on May, 14th.

"We are very glad that the Incheon WIC is once again an official stage of the World Cup, especially because it will gather some of the best Elite skaters coming from 12 countries, which is an improvement compared to 2014," said Petr Stastny, the president of the World Inline Cup.

At the start were alined skaters from South Korea, Belgium, Venezuela, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, New Zealand, Estonia, China and Slovenia.

The women's race was dominated by local skaters while the men's race saw the team victory of Powerslide/Matter, who came in numbers for the occasion.

Next dates

The next stage of the World Inline Cup is Rennes sur Roulettes on May 22nd, then Dijon on June 12th, becore Ostrava on June 18th and the final in Berlin on September 24th, 2016.

Results: Women's Scratch

  1. Yoo Go Ram (KOR)
  2. Lee Seul (KOR)
  3. Kim my Young (KOR)
  4. ?
  5. ?
  6. ?
  7. ?
  8. Nicole Begg (NZL)

Results: Men's Scratch

  1. Bart Swings, Powerslide/Matter (BEL)
  2. Peter Michael, Powerslide/Matter (NZL)
  3. Felix Rijhnen, Powerslide/Matter (GER)
  4. ?
  5. Jakob Ulreich, X-Tech (AUT)
  6. ?
  7. ?
  8. ?
  9. ?
  10. ?
  11. Necj Mavsar, X-Tech
  12. Christian Kromosor, X-Tech

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