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SL Benfica wins the 2016 Euroleague of Rink Hockey in Lisbon and Becomes European Champion

SL Benfica wins the 2016 Euroleague of Rink Hockey in Lisbon and Becomes European Champion

In the "Pavilhao Fidelidade" of Lisbon, in front of 2.500 spectators, Benfica beat Oliveirense 5 to 3 after the most spectacular game of the Final Four of the 2016 Euroleague of Rink Hockey.

The SL Benfica is the new European Champion. That's the verdict of the final of the Final Four played against another Portuguese team, the UD Oliveirense.

In a sold-out sports hall, SL Benfica and Oliveirense played the best game of the weekend. Benfica won 5 to 3, after a comeback in the second period. At the break, Oliveirense was leading 3 to 2. It's the second time in the history of the club that Benfica wins that prestigious title. The first titles goes back to 2012, in Porto.

During the first period, Rafael Diogo scored twice for Benfica, but Souto, then Oliveira equalized twice too. Souto's second goal allowed Oliveirense to take the lead at the break.

In second period, Benfica took control of the game and Oliveirense paid for its players' protests. After Adroher had tied, Oliveirense suffered from the temporary expulsions of Barreiros and Souto, and let a 4th goal in while they were outnumbered, playing 3 on 5. Around the end of the game, Oliveira's third expulsion enabled Adroher to score the last goal on a powerplay.

UD Oliveirense 3-5 SL Benfica (3-2)

Scorers First Period

  • 14.45 D.Rafael (SLB)
  • 15.55 Souto (UDO)
  • 16.09 D.Rafael (SLB)
  • 17.11 Oliveira (UDO)
  • 18.43 Souto (UDO)

Scorers Second Period

  • 7.54 Adroher (SLB)
  • 12.28 Nicolia (SLB)
  • 20.25 Adroher (SLB).

UD Oliveirense

Pinho, Casanovas, Montivero, Moreira, Silva, Lopez, Oliveira, Souto, Barreiros, Puigbi. Coach: Neves.

SL Benfica

Henriques, Neves, D.Rafael, Nicolia, Adroher, Torra, Rodrigues, T.Rafael, Rocha, Trabal, Nunes. Coach: Nunes.

Referees: MM. Esoli and Bleuzen (France)

Blue Cards: Barreiros (11.13 - 2nd Period), Souto (11.13 - 2nd Period), 20.12 Oliveira (20.12 - 2nd Period)

Starting Five

  • UD Oliveirense : Puigbi, Casanovas, Moreira, Barreiros, Souto.
  • SL Benfica : Trabal, Neves, Torra, Rodrigues, T.Rafael

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Photo : Gabriele Baldi


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