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Rink Hockey Mercato: Vanessa Daribo continues her career in Spain with Girona C.H.

Rink Hockey Mercato: Vanessa Daribo continues her career in Spain with Girona C.H.

It's official, Vanessa Daribo will play her next season with the Spanish rink hockey club Girona C.H.

She's just signed a 2-year contract. It's kind of a return to the Catalan fold for Vanessa, who had already played with Girona for the 2011/2012 season.

Girona finished 13th out of 14 teams this season.

Vanessa Daribo

"The sports project is of at least 2 years, but of course, it can be extended if both parties agree. 3 teams drop each year. Girona is part of the 3. The club still wants to buy its place in OK Liga this year (there's a free spot) but nothing's for sure yet, because a club from Madrid may take it...

The team may play in Nacional Catalana next year, with the objective of getting back into OK Liga the following season. That's why I signed for 2 years...

I chose this team because I really like the sports project, the conditions... and the locker rooms above all... There are excellent players (all of OK Liga level) and I already know them, since 5 of them played with me 4 years ago.

I've reached a stage in my career where titles are not the number one objective anymore, but the love of the game, especially since my accident, beacuse my knee can give way at any given moment... I don't mind playing in Nacional (Spanish 2nd division), the league still offers a good level, there are less travels, and I will then have more time for my professional and private lives.

I will start training in Girona in October if I take part in the World in Chile, otherwise, as soon as September." 

To go further, read our article on Vanessa's career over the last months.

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Après avoir fait son apprentissage de spectateur lors de Coupes des Nations jouées à l'ancien pavillon de Montreux, suivi les évolutions du club du bout du lac il y a quelques décennies, s'être perdu longtemps dans un autre sport, a finalement retrouvé sa lucidité-rink à l'occasion de l'Euro U17 de Genève en 2011.

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