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Results of the 2016 Sempachersee Inline Marathon, Switzerland

Results of the 2016 Sempachersee Inline Marathon, Switzerland

The 3rd stage of the 2016 Swiss Skate Tour took place on June 5th, 2016 in Sempach / Schenkon with the 2016 Sempachersee Inline Marathon, Switzerland. The skaters raced two laps around the majestic lake of Sempach, in a typical Swiss setting. The weather conditions were not favorable, unfortunately, with persistent rain and wet ground.

The men's marathon is won by local skater Livio Wenger and his team mate Peter Michael (NZL): the Powerslide Matter World Team skaters took the heels and had a 3-minute lead on the pack. Yann Guyader wins the pack sprint (Switzerland Rollerblade Team), just back on skates to warm up before the 24H Le Mans Roller he's about to do in the duo category.

In the women's, the victory goes to Powerslide too: Katharina Rumpus imposes herself with a 30-second lead on Katja Ylbrich, who had a 5-minute lead on the 3rd, local skater Nadja Wenger (ARMA Areina Geisingen Team).

The Race From Within by Yann Guyader

Yann Guyader

"As usual, the race unfolded around the lake linking Sempach to Sursee. On the program, 2 rolling laps.
The weather conditions are Dantesque, so that 20 minutes from the start, the torrential rain forces some of the stands of the village to pack up to avoid being flooded.
The pack is dense at the start despite the many Did Not Starts (because of the rain).
the race started at full throttle, with Powerslide Matter's Peter Michael and Livio Wenger trying to attack right away.
A gap appears as soon as the first meters with a leading group made of a small dozen of skaters.

I start in the middle of the pack. I am caught by surprise and I cannot find an opportunity to catch up on the small group.
Because of the wet ground and strong wind, it's impossible to go for a solo breakaway.
The skaters of the Powerslide Team make their breakaway comrades crack one by one. The two will finish in the lead, 2'30 ahead of the pack without having anything to worry about.
Behind, the race is relatively calm, without many attacks. Everybody plays the game and relays are made regularly. Nothing really happens until 5 km before the start. The pack stirs up a bit when reaching the last kilometer, a whole kilometer going uphill. The last bend being 300 m from the line, it's important to exit the bend in the lead, especially on wet ground. The sprint is messy and the many white stripes don't make it easier. I still manage to take the lead at the end of the bend and get the third place.
I initially came to have fun, on my way back from France to Italy (where I work), and I wasn't disappointed!
I could re-taste the joys of being in the pack, skating, and sprinting, now that I don't have the opportunity anymore."

Senior Women's Marathon

1.Rumpus, KatharinaHeilbronnGERPowerslide Matter World Team01:07:43
2.Ulbrich, KatjaBayreuthGER 01:08:08
3.Wenger, NadjaSchenkonSUIarma arena geisingen team01:13:03
4.Härdi, RamonaMörikenSUITeam Rollerblade Schweiz01:13:07
5.Heim, FlurinaSamedanSUISpeed Skater Zug01:16:33
6.Güntert, VeraAlosenSUISpeed Skater Zug01:17:28
7.Gabriel, KarinUitikon WaldeggSUIInlineclub Greifensee01:21:03
8.Zurbuchen, NoemiBottenwilSUITeam Rollerblade Schweiz01:21:04
9.Walder, SinaLenk Im SimmentalSUISpeed Skater Zug01:21:08
10.Emmenegger, NicoleSempachSUIInline Team LLV Flüss01:25:31
11.Krychniak, MagdalenaCardano Al CampoITAAlessi World Team01:25:34
12.Benz, NadineKreuzlingenSUIRolling Apple Skate Club01:25:45
13.Kuhn, IndiaZürichSUI 01:25:58
14.Heim, RonjaSamedanSUI 01:26:06
15.Nydegger, ManuelaZuchwilSUIInline Club Mittelland01:29:36
16.Hamen, CaroleHettenschlagFRAColmar Aurore Roller Skating01:29:42
17.Müller, StephanieSchinznach BadSUIspeed-inliner-basilisk01:30:07
18.Ruckstuhl, CarlaBernSUIThunliners01:30:07
19.Lichtel, IngridGERNSHEIMGERspeedteam alzenau e.v.01:35:23
20.Sieber, RachelBerneckSUITeam Taa01:36:55

Senior Men's Marathon

1.Wenger, LivioSchenkonSUIPowerslide Matter World Team01:04:28
2.Michael, Peter NZLPowerslide Matter World Team01:04:28
3.Guyader, YannNantesFRATeam Rollerblade Schweiz01:07:34
4.Meulders, KarelOudenburgBELCHAUVIN ARNOUX01:07:35
5.Reist, YvesOftringenSUICHAUVIN ARNOUX01:07:35
6.Sibiet, TimOostendeBELCHAUVIN ARNOUX01:07:35
7.Alario, GaetanoCardano Al CampoITAAlessi World Team01:07:36
8.Donadio, MarceloCardano Al CampoITAAlessi World Team01:07:36
9.Iten, NicolasReidenSUITeam Rollerblade Schweiz01:07:37
10.Friedli, YannickDerendingenSUIInline Club Mittelland01:07:37
11.De Smedt, BrechtBekegemBELCHAUVIN ARNOUX01:07:38
13.Putignano, AlbertoCardano Al CampoITAAlessi World Team01:07:42
14.Hänggi, MartinDavosSUITeam Rollerblade Schweiz01:08:19
15.Veraguth, SilvanoHaldensteinSUIPOWERSLIDE SWISS / OUT ON STREET01:13:01
16.Allemann, RemoAarburgSUIInline Club Mittelland01:13:01
17.Walther, SilvanoBirsfeldenSUIRSC Liestal01:13:02
18.Schill, MathiasSchwäbisch HallGERVero Mein-smile01:13:02
19.Nägeli, MatthiasZürichSUIPowerslide Swiss / Out On Street01:13:04
20.Gopp, HaraldRuggellLIESpeedskating Liechtenstein01:13:04


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