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Jacob Juul - Aeon Summer Edit 2016 - USD Skates

Jacob Juul

"This summer I really felt like it was about time for a new edit skating the white USD Aeon 61mm skates.
I have been skating the Aeons for over a year now, only switching up with the USD Carbon skates for a couple of months.

There hasn´t been a new edit of me skating in the last months because a lot of clips from Barcelona and Poland got lost, but no hate, shit happens.

I have been skating and filming with my old Crew from back when I started and with all this support I managed to put this edit together in just 2 months, starting to film for this after coming back from the USD Tour in France end of May, finishing it up now at the end of July.

I hope you all can enjoy my hard work for this piece!

Please share it with your friends or familie.
Love Aggressive Inline Skating for what it is and what it will be.
Keep rolling everyone!"

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