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Results of the 2016 Berlin Inline Marathon (Germany)

Results of the 2016 Berlin Inline Marathon (Germany)

Berlin, 24th September 2016, The Grand Slam of Inline skating culminated today on its fifth and last leg of this year´s WORLD INLINE CUP. Berlin saw around 5444 inline skaters and a great elite race which was accompanied by an extended inline skating programme featuring several kids´ races. Both weather and course conditions on the 42 kilometre loop were perfect, sunshine and 22 degrees and 250 000 spectators cheering the skaters.

The men's race

Once again, Bart Swings (BEL) won the 2016 Inline Marathon. This time, the Belgian skater did not break the record of the race. A big pack arrived on the finish line with skaters of the main teams. Bart won this massive sprint ahead of Gary Hekman (NED) and Paxti Peula (ESP).

Men's race decided on the finish line

„This victory is very special, as for the first time I have won in a mass sprint after many unsuccessful attempts by many skaters to break away" said the victorious Bart Swings after the race. He finished ahead of Gary Hekman (Bont Skates Team) from the Netherlands, and the Spaniard Patxi Peula (EOSkates Boom Team).

The women's race

Manon Kamminga (NED) escaped and finished the race alone. Her teammates Katharina Rumpus and Sandrine Tas won the sprint of the peloton. Powerslide Mater got 5 of the 6 first places. In the women´s race Katharina Rumpus won the WIC trophy after a second place in Berlin behind Manon Kamminga (both Powerslide Matter Team)

Manon Kamminga (Powerslide Matter Team) broke away successfully after 5 kilometers already. "I have been looking back and thought that the pack will get me, but gave what I could and at the end had to skate for an hour by myself, unbelievable, but true!"

Final rankings World Inline Cup 2016

After five legs in Incheon (KOR), Rennes (FRA), Dijon (FRA), Ostrava (CZE) and Berlin (GER):


1. Bart Swings (BEL, Powerslide Matter World Team) 480 points
2. Felix Rijhnen (GER, Powerslide Matter World Team) 415 points
3. Peter Michael (NZL, Powerslide Matter World Team) 378 points


1. Katharina Rumpus (GER, Powerslide Matter World Team) 437 points
2. Ana Odlazek (SLO, WIC Single Athlete) 139 points
3. Anna Muzyka (UKR, SAM Racing Team) 120 points 

Berlin - Men's results

PlaceSkaterClub or teamTime
1Swings, Bart (BEL)Powerslide Matter00:59:59
2Hekman, Gary (NED)Bont Skates00:59:59
3Peula, Patxi (ESP)EOSkates-BOOM00:59:59
4Guyader, Yann (FRA)Rollerblade01:00:00
5De Souza, Elton (FRA)X-Tech International01:00:00
6Wenger, Livio (SUI)Powerslide Matter01:00:00
7Fernandez, Ewen (FRA)EOSkates-BOOM01:00:00
8Cuncu, Giacomo (GER)IKKBB-Racing-Team01:00:00
9Levrard, Julien (FRA)Team CadoMotus01:00:00
10Schmidt, Stefan Due (DEN)X-Tech International01:00:01
11Michael, Peter (NZL)Powerslide Matter01:00:01
12Meulders, Karel (BEL)Chauvin Amoux Racing Team01:00:01
13Medard, Indra (BEL)Duxsport Racing Team01:00:01
14Ulreich, Jakob (AUT)X-Tech International01:00:01
15Rijhnen, Felix (GER)Powerslide Matter01:00:01
16Küng, Adrian (SUI)POWERSLIDE SWISS / OUT ON...01:00:01
17Suchy, Ondrej (CZE)Czech national team01:00:01
18de Gier, Casper (NED)National Team Netherlands01:00:02
19Paez, Mike (MEX)Mexico-Xalapa-Idstein01:00:02
20Hecht, Tobias (GER)TAX Racing Team01:00:02
21Moreirros, Diogo (POR)Bont Skates01:00:02
22Dr. Voste, Thomas (BEL)Duxsport Racing Team01:00:02
23Prokop, Michal (CZE)Czech national team01:00:02
24Pedicone, Doucelin (FRA)AMSports01:00:03
25van Zutphen, Ian (NED)Warx01:00:03

Berlin Women's results

PlaceSkaterClub or teamTime
1Kamminga, Manon (NED)Powerslide Matter01:08:38
2Rumpus, Katharina (GER)Powerslide Matter01:12:51
3Tas, Sandrine (BEL)Powerslide Matter01:12:51
4Dr. Quintana Herrera, Aura Cristina (COL)Castellonspain Roller Mar...01:12:51
5Schimek, Laethisia (GER)Powerslide Matter01:12:51
6Zanetti, Erika (ITA)Powerslide Matter01:12:51
7Hofmann, Josie (GER)Arma-Arena-Geisingen-Team01:12:51
8Luciani, Veronica (ITA)Veneto Inline01:12:51
9Guerra, Camila (COL)Cityrun01:12:51
10Roosenboom, Bianca (NED)XI Tulips-Powerslide01:12:51
11Narvaez, Saray (ESP)Marianistas Zaragoza01:12:51
12Vonk, Berber (NED)XI Tulips-Powerslide01:12:52
13Ulbrich, Katja (GER)der-rollenshop.de Powersl...01:12:52
14Gaiser, Larissa (GER)Tsugv Großbettlingen01:12:52
15Woolalway, Luisa (ITA)ALESSI WORLD TEAM01:12:53
16Zuyeva, Maryna (BLR)Rollersport Net01:12:53
17Rodriguez, Viviana (CHI)ACE-BONT01:12:53
18Arnedo, Elizabeth (COL)Cityrun01:12:53
19Laurent, Anaïs (FRA)SCC Skating01:12:53
20Henneken, Claudia Maria (GER)pecbi.de Team / SSC Köln01:12:54
21Rigas, Elena (DEN)Team Arma01:12:54
22Schouten, Kelly (NED)XI Tulips-Powerslide01:12:54
23Paluzzi, Edda (ITA)Team Beloti/Iuigino/Flike01:12:54
24Helman, Kelsey (USA)BONT01:12:54
25Odlazek, Ana (SLO)Rolerski klub Ljubljana01:12:55

Complete results here

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