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Quarter Finals of the Women's 2016 Rink Hockey Worlds

Quarter Finals of the Women's 2016 Rink Hockey Worlds

After the group phases, the teams entering the quarter finals of the Women's 2016 World Championships of Rink Hockey in Iquique, Chile, are now known.


France will meet Chile. Two teams of even level, but the Chileans play at home and have the crowd on their side. However, Chile is easier to take than teams such as Argentina (current World champion) or Spain (European champion).

Argentina should make short work of Colombia, who don't yet have the speed and precision to old their own against their South-American neighbors.

The other favorite, and probable finalist, Spain, shouldn't underestimate Italy's solid defense who has the capacity to oppose the European champions' ambitions.

Germany may be a bit short facing Portugal, who since the beginning of the competition proved to be very good at speeding up a gear when needed.

Quarter Finals

  • Chile - France
  • Argentina - Colombia
  • Spain - Italy
  • Germany - Portugal

Classification Games

  • India - Egypt
  • USA - South Africa
  • Brazil 10 - 1 Egypt
  • USA - Egypt
  • India - Brazil
  • South Africa - Egypt
  • USA - Brazil
  • India - South Africa
  • South Africa - Brazil
  • USA 7 - 0 India

The semi-finalists will be known on September 29th!

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