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Results of the Skate Cross at the 2016 Lugdunum Contest

Results of the Skate Cross at the 2016 Lugdunum Contest

The Lugdunum Contest gathers a multitude of sports disciplines on wheels. Amongst them, skatecross has a special place on Place Bellecour, in the heart of Lyon.

This stage of the WSX taking place in Lyon was the final stage of the series, with the world title at stakes.

Flavien Du Peloux and Florian Petitcolin were both favorites for the title.
After having both passed the qualifications, they reached the final round together with two other Team France skaters, Martin Barrau and Mayence Clusaz.
A very intense and close final ending with the victory of Flavien. However, despite his win, Flavien remained 2nd at the international ranking, and Florian got the 2016 World Title in Skatecross thanks to his 2-point lead and his second place at the Lugdunum Contest.

French skaters Flavien du Peloux, Florian Petitcollin, Martin Barrau and Maxence Clusaz took hold of the Top-4 in the Men's category. An all-French final.

On the Women's side, Mathilde Monneron got 1st place in front of Italians Alice Delfino and Francesca Conzi. Elisabeth Duchemin finished at the foot of the podium.

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