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2016 WFSC Pair Slalom Results

2016 WFSC Pair Slalom Results

The 2016 Worlds of Freestyle Skating are in full swing in Bangkok, Thailand. Here are the results of the Pair Classic Freestyle Slalom Competition, one of the most spectacular disciplines of the event...

1Degli Agostini Valerio / Guslandi LorenzoItaly
2Yo Haoqin / Zhang HaoChina
3Shibagaki Masayoshi / Shibagaki TaikiJapan
4Harmanis Klaudia / Sulinowski MichalPoland
5Kim Bong Geun / Kim Jun KyeomKorea
6Sitprasert Angkrit / Wanitchayapaisit ThanachotThailand
7Hamasaki Tsukika / Kimura ReiaJapan
8Arya Bima Surendra / Reika Shakira AdifaIndonesia

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Dirigeant de Lyon Roller, Président de l'International Inline Downhill Association (IIDA), Vice-président du Roller Alpine and Downhill (RAD) FIRS Committee, organisateur de divers événements sur Lyon en freestyle. Je travaille à promouvoir le rolelr à Lyon ainsi que le roller freestyle et descente.

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Chloé Seyrès aka Kozmic Bruise #8612. Hardcore skater since forever. Former inline freestyle slalom champion, has switched to the quad side with derby and dance and more. Also international judge in freestyle and certified agility coach. PS: Translator and linguistics consultant in parallel life.
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