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The Roller Derby Venue of the 2017 World Roller Games

The Roller Derby Venue of the 2017 World Roller Games

The 2017 World Roller Games will take place next summer in Nankin, China. The FIRS made the most of the last Speed Skating World Championships to visit the facilities hosting the various events.
Roller Derby will take place in a huge venue with a wooden floor (the picture is dark because the lights were off). Moreover, the venue has a second floor, that should also be used for the championships.

We will update you on the facilities of the various events of the 2017 World Roller Games as soon as we have more information.

Salle de roller derby à Nankin

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Passionné de roulettes devant l'éternel, le jour j'écume le bitume. Si je me crashe, si je tombe, ma peau s'arrache mais pas mon coeur de roller !

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