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The 2017 Speed Skating MX Takino Team

The 2017 Speed Skating MX Takino Team

The Asian brands MX and Takino have decided to get together for 2017 and found the international speed skating team "MX Takino", bringing together several international world champions and world medalled skaters: Elton de Souza (France) is the versatile asset in the team, while Ioseba Fernandez (Spain) is a great specialist of short sprints. Fabriana Arias Perez (Colombia) will probably be the key-skater of the women's team, with her consequent title list. Angelina Wong is both the manager and a skater of the team.

Amongst the races they will attend: The International Critérium of Groß-Gerau and the 2017 Geisingen Arena International


  • Elton de Souza (France)
  • Ioseba Fernandez (Spain)
  • Etienne Ramali (Germany)


  • Angeline Byrne (Australia)
  • Fabriana Arias Perez (Colombia)

Angelina S. Wong (Hong-Kong), former international skater (2003-2006), is in charge of the team management (below right on the picture).

    Mx and Takino

    The MX company is a Korean brand established in Shanghai, China, and mostly produces junior skating equipment. As for Takino, the Taiwanese brand focuses on high-range products.

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