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The Paris City Skates in Trouble

The Paris City Skates in Trouble

The "Rollers & Coquillages" and "Pari Roller" associations jointly issue a press release on the non-unfolding of their city skates in Paris. It is a hard blow for the practice of skating in the French capital. Those weekly key-meetings, known throughout the world, have existed for 20 years (since 1996 for Rollers & Coquillages, and 1993 for Pari Roller).

Press release

Dear skater friends,

After several years, the organization of our city skates has been seriously destabilized because of the evolution of the position of Paris' Police Prefecture as for the means (until now complimentarily) made available for us.

This is the consequence of the significant extra work the Prefecture has had to deal with for over two years, which we perfectly understand. Even if the representatives of the Police Prefecture of Paris do not close their doors on city skates, the offers that have been made and the resulting organization constraints bring us to serisouly question the existences of our associations themselves.

The representatives of PARI ROLLER and of ROLLERS et COQUILLAGES have taken into account this information, and do everything they can to find solutions according to our particularities, while respecting the constraints imposed by the Police Prefecture.

Thus we cannot yet this week serenely organize the city skates, neither on Friday nor on Sunday. However, we count on you all and your mobilization over the following weeks to make us heard, and show once more that the practice of skating in the streets of Paris is unquestionably an exception, but also a state of mind.

Consequently, we offer you to gather for more information on Friday, March 24th, at 9:30 pm, and on Sunday, March 26th, at 2 pm, so that we present and explain our position to you and that, together, we can apprehend coherent actions and fight for the existence of the Paris City Skates.

Jacques COUSIN, president of ROLLERS ET COQUILLAGES & Richard MAILLOT, president of PARI ROLLER

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