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Ewen Fernandez and Katharina Rumpus Win the 2017 Half-Marathon of Berlin

Ewen Fernandez and Katharina Rumpus Win the 2017 Half-Marathon of Berlin

The 2017 edition of Berlin's Half-Marathon has just crowned Ewen Fernandez (Powerslide Matter World Team) in the men's and Katharina Rumpus (Powerslide Matter World Team) in the women's. The French, who broke away with his team mate Bart Swings, set a new competition record during this 37th edition, with a knockout time of 30 min and 11 sec (30 sec less than the previous record).

Nearly 1500 skaters took the start of the race, and of the 2017 season of the German Inline Cup, in a sunny weather. They could enjoy the support of the numerous crowd of 250.000, cheering along the circuit of the German capital.

Katharina Rumpus (Powerslide Matter) Gets Her 3rd Victory

"It's amazing to start the season with a victory. It gives me great confidence for the next race." Katharina Rumpus said on the finish line. The Darmstädt skater wins the event for the 3rd time after her 2013 and 2014 victories. "I had a strong team mate by my side, with Sandrine Tas" Rumpus added. Belgian Sandrine Tas (37:25 min) finished on her heels, just in front of Josie Hofmann (37:25 min), at the sprint. The women's race was livened up as soon as the first kilometers with many breakaways by Tas and Rumpus. "The girls in the pack were very careful at each breakaway, Rumpus explained. Five kilometers from the arrival, we decided to focus on the final sprint."

Circuit Record for Ewen Fernandez (Powerslide Matter)

The men's race was characterized in the first kilometers by many attacks, especially from French Ewen Fernandez, Felix Rijhnen (Därmstadt) and Belgian Bart Swings. "We wanted to win the race as soon as possible and avoid a massive sprint", Ewen Fernandez declared at the arrival. "Half-marathons are too short for saters. You have to take risks right from the start", Bart Swings explained after the race. Ewen Fernandez and Bart Swings led the race for 10 kilometers. Ewen Fernandez crossed the finish line first, with a time of 30:11 minutes. The French set a new record of the circuit. The previous record was of 30:36 minutes and was held by Dutch Gary Hekman (Bont) and had been set in 2016. Nolan Beddiaf (EO Skates) completed the podium.

Main Results of the Women's Race

Rnk.NameClub / TeamTime
1Rumpus, Katharina (GER)Powerslide/Matter Racing00:37:25
2Tas, Sandrine (BEL)Powerslide/Matter Racing00:37:25
3Hofmann, Josie (GER)Arma Racing00:37:25
4Berbel Alt, Rocio (ARG)Flyke00:37:25
5Ulbrich, Katja (GER)der-rollenshop.de Powe...00:37:25
6Otrebska, Katarzyna (POL)SkateMunich!00:37:29
7Rossow, Sabrina (GER)TSSC ERFURT00:37:29
8Kierzkowski, Karolina (GER)der-rollenshop.de Powe...00:38:22
9Pechstein, Claudia (GER)SCC Skating Berlin00:38:22
10Powik, Pia-Marie (GER)SCC Skating00:38:23
11Colbow, Susan (GER)SC DHfK Leipzig00:38:24
12Milling, Helene (GER)Turbine Halle00:39:21
13Lokvencova, Andrea (CZE)Czech national junior ...00:39:47
14Dzillack, Jamie (GER)Halstenbeker TS00:40:08
15Gämperli, Silvana (LIE)Ruggell00:40:08
16Kloß, Christiane (GER)EV Dresden00:40:10
17Geppert, Michaela (GER)Rhein-Neckar Skater00:40:10
18Koch, Verena (GER)Arena Geisingen Inline...00:40:11
19Zimmermann, Silke (GER)VfR Büttgen 1912 e.V.00:40:13
20Schaefer, Louisa (GER)TSSC Erfurt e.V.00:40:13

Main Results of the Men's Race

Rnk.NameClub / TeamTime
1Fernandez, Ewen (FRA)Powerslide/Matter Racing00:30:11
2Swings, Bart (GER)Powerslide/Matter Racing00:30:11
3Beddiaf, Nolan (FRA)EOSkates World Team00:31:46
4Ferrie, Martin (FRA)EOSkates World Team00:31:46
5Rijhnen, Felix (GER)Powerslide/Matter Racing00:31:46
6Bastidas Rodriguez, Alexander José (GER)IKK BB Racing Team00:31:46
7Araldi, Juan Cruz (ARG)Flyke00:31:46
8Levrard, Julien (FRA)IKK BB / Pure Racing T...00:31:46
9Cuncu, Giacomo (ITA)IKK BB / Pure Racing T...00:31:47
10Kromoser, Christian (AUT)B-L-Austria00:31:47
11Berga, Ingmar (NED)Okay interfarms powers...00:31:47
12Sibiet, Tim (BEL)Chauvin Arnoux Racing ...00:31:47
13Hekman, Gary (NED)Bont Skates00:31:47
14Forstner, Philipp (GER)der-rollenshop.dePower...00:31:47
15Ulreich, Jakob (AUT)ÖISC-W00:31:47
15Kießlich, Thimo (GER)ERSG Darmstadt00:31:47
17Znotins, Reinis (LAT)Powerslide-Laimite00:31:47
18Meulders, Karel (BEL)Chauvin Arnoux Racing ...00:31:48
19Ramali, Etienne (GER)IKK BB / Pure Racing T...00:31:48
20Chojnacki, Bartosz (POL)Media Creation-Mapei00:31:48

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