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2017 Rennes sur Roulettes: Results of the Races

2017 Rennes sur Roulettes: Results of the Races

The 35th edition of Rennes sur Roulettes took place on Sunday, May 21st, in the art of the Breton capital. The Powerslide Matter Team wins the race in the Men's with Felix Rijhnen, and in the Women's with Katharina Rumpus.

The official races were schedules on Sunday: the S'mi roller, with 110 participants, was a great success. 77 veterans took the start of the specific marathon that was part of the French Cup. In the younger generations, 33 athletes ran in their respective categories.
For this 35th edition of the international marathon, the two favorites stood up to their statuses. As soon as the start, the two skaters of the Powerslide Team, Ewen Fernandez (current French champion) and Félix Rijhnen, his German team mate, set a pace with which the rest of the pack didn't manage to keep up. They quickly broke away and took a one-lap lead on the pack: a first for Rennes sur Roulettes! Without surprise, they finish 1st and 2nd. Moreover, making the most of the demanding course, two other athletes (Guillaume De Mallevoue and Jimmy Jouette) also buit a gap and finished respectively 3rd and 4th.

In the Women's, the race was offensive too, especially with attacks by Clémence Halbout and Flavie Balandras. The fate of the race was played at the sprint, despite an attack 2 km from the arrival by Chloé Geoffroy, a junior skater who came close to win it. Without much surprise, the victory goes to Katharina Rumpus, letting her power do the talking, in front of Maelann Leroux and Marine Lefeuvre.

Senior Women's International Marathon

  1. Katharina Rumpus (Powerslide Matter)
  2. Marine Lefeuvre
  3. Maëlann Le Roux 

Senior Men's International Marathon

  1. Felix Rijhnen (Powerslide Matter)
  2. Ewen Fernandez (Powerslide Matter)
  3. Guillaume de Mallevoue (Rollerblade International) 

Veteran Women's 1

  1. Cognard Céline - Mont-Blanc Roller
  2. Le Pennec Bénédicte - Rollers à l'Ouest
  3. Lavergne Stéphanie - PUC Roller
  4. Tendron Pascale - Rollers à l'Ouest
  5. Huchet Christina - La Vitréenne

Veteran Men's 1

  1. Laval Nicolas - Haut-Rhône Roller
  2. Salle Emmanuel - CSR Team
  3. Lebeaupin Pascal - ADEL RS
  4. Miquel Mathieu - Pibrac RS
  5. Malalgon Nicolas - RC2A
  6. Le Corre Erwan - RC2A
  7. Masse Vincent - Elan des Sorinières
  8. Morlot Dimitry - Belinois RS
  9. Dollez Benoit - Reims P.V.
  10. Champagnat Ronan - RC2A
  11. Le Sommer François - CPAL Locminé
  12. Mallegol Sébastien - Guingamp RS
  13. Romano Goyan - PUC Roller
  14. Le Sommer Vincent - CPAL Locminé
  15. Caron Fabien - Planet Roller
  16. Symonenko Ol. - Ukraine
  17. Le Bohec Mikaël - CPR Lorient
  18. Gauthier Eric - POL Roller Sports
  19. Huet Richard - La Vitréenne
  20. Tartivel Jérôme - NC
  21. Ridard Benoit - CPB Rennes
  22. Ye Su Long - Indépendant
  23. Diolosa Stéphane - Roller Côte d'Azur
  24. Robert Jean-Marc - Patineurs Bergeracois
  25. Fizaine William - POL Longjumeau
  26. Sennavoine Nicolas - Roller Côte d'Azur
  27. Morel Patrick - Miss'Ile
  28. Guerrier Yoann - CPAL Locminé
  29. Rivault Jeff - La Vitréenne
  30. Andral Sébastien - Ailes Sportives
  31. Gouret Yann - RC Herglinois
  32. Meilladec Yannick - RC Fougerais
  33. Martinais Jérôme - RC Fougerais
  34. Gradel Sébastien - RC Fougerais
  35. Goupil Frédéric - Zone 4 Roller
  36. Mihalcea Daniel - Roller Côte d'Azur
  37. Le Ray Erwan - NC
  38. Briada Fabien - RSSP
  39. Gontier Christian - RC Fougerais

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