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Results of the 2017 NL Contest in Strasbourg, France

Results of the 2017 NL Contest in Strasbourg, France

The 12th edition of the NL Contest, the International Festival of Urban Culture of Strasbourg, took place from May 19th to 21th, 2017, at the Rotonde Skatepark of Strasbourg, France.

In Street, young Nicolas Servy of Dijon, France, won in front of two specialists of the discipline, Sven Boekhorst (NED) and Stéphane Alfano (FRA). The Ramp event crowned a big name, Japanese Takeshi Yasutoko, who hadn't set foot in France for a good while! He seized the victory in front of another half-pipe master, French Nicolas Mougin!

In Spine, Sven Boekhorst (Team Rollerblade) took his revenge on Nicolas Servy (AM Sports).

Roller Street Pros

1. Nicolas Servy
2. Sven Boekhorst
3. Stéphane Alfano

Roller Street Girls

1. Zaharilva Assia
2. Leana Wirth
3. Anaelle Nogueira

Roller Halfpipe

1. Takeshi Yasutoko
2. Nicolas Mougin
3. Romain Viera

Roller Spine

1. Sven Boekhorst
2. Nicolas Servy
3. Alex Burston

Roller Street Amateur

1. Frijn Jaro
2. Gul Denis
3. Serra Alexandre

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