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Team Spain's statement regarding World Roller Games

Team Spain's statement regarding World Roller Games

Team Spain Roller Derby announces that it will not be taking part in the World Roller Games of Nanjing 2017. Furthermore, we wish to clarify that the current Spanish roller derby team, Team Spain, has not been contacted at any time by the Royal Spanish Skating Federation (RFEP). On the other hand, Team Spain will participate for the second time and alongside national teams of 40 other countries in the only world competition managed by roller derby skaters and aligned with the values of the official governing body of roller derby at a global level (WFTDA): the Roller Derby World Cup - which will next take place in Manchester in February, 2018.

According to the information we have, another national team is being created among the Royal Spanish Skating Federation in order to play the Roller Games with FIRS’s ruleset. RFEP has confirmed the participation of Spain in the Roller Games after major international rejection to take part in them. Only three other countries have confirmed their participation - the minimum needed in order for the competition to take place. In this way, Spain is the only European country that is to participate.

The decision to take part in the Roller Games has not been taken in a democratic manner by Spanish skaters, which conflicts with WFTDA’s spirit, with which Team Spain identifies completely: self-management, collaboration and horizontal structures have been the key pillars in our development since our beginnings in 2013. We believe that this participation in the Roller Games cannot showcase the best level of roller derby that exists in our country. Currently, all Spanish leagues play under WFTDA’s ruleset and, to the date, no Spanish team has ever played under FIRS’s. Therefore, we consider the creation of a national team and its participation in said Games, to be unrepresentative of roller derby in our country, not only on an ethical, but also on a competitive level.

We strongly believe that it is essential that all skaters and officials join forces in order to keep on defending the sport to which we have devoted years of hard work. Every member of this community has a responsibility with roller derby on a national level, but the ramifications of our actions are international. In this way, we would like to start a conversation among Spanish roller derby athletes around the world in order to keep fighting for this sport to remain managed by those who play it.

In this spirit, we invite all Spanish skaters and officials to participate in the facebook group created with the aim of opening this conversation:


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