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Katharina Rumpus (GER) and Alexander Bastidas (VEN) win the 2017 World Inline Cup of Ostrava

Katharina Rumpus (GER) and Alexander Bastidas (VEN) win the 2017 World Inline Cup of Ostrava

The upper crust of marathon specialists gathered in Ostrava, Czech Republic, on June 17, for the 4th leg (out of 6) of the 2017 World Inline Cup. The rain and wet road gave the skaters a hard time, especially when going uphill and downhill of a circuit that had to be laped 11 times.

The Men's Race

The Elite race was 33.5 km long, and the final ranking couldn't be decided before the final line crossing.

Quickly after the start, a group of 9 skaters broke away and left the pack behind. The race was punctuated by a few attacks, but none of them made a difference. The audience witnessed the leading group rushing at full throttle to the finishing line.

Alexander Bastidas imposed himself in front of Austrians Jakub Ulreich and Christian Kromoser.

A Word from Alexander Bastidas (Venezuela)

"It was a very hard race. Sometimes I don't feel good when I skate on wet grounds, sometimes I do. But this time, I really had great sensations and I won the sprint, which is what matters the most!"

The Women's race

It was more or less the same scenario repeating. A small group broke away early in the race, and no attack could make a difference.

A Word from Kathi Rumpus (Germany, Powerslide Matter)

"It was a very demanding race. I tried to break away a few times, but I didn't manage to speed up enough on the wet ground, so we stayed in a group until the end. I'm glad I won the Ostrava race once more. It's a shame it was raining. Last year, the race was very fast, and the relief of the course made it really interesting."

Results of the Men's Race

  1. Alexander Bastidas (VEN) 55:42.74
  2. Jakub Ulreich (AUT) 55:42.97
  3. Christian Kromoser (AUT) 55:43.03

Results of the Women's Race

  1. Katharina Rumpus (GER, Powerslide Matter Team) 1:04:56.15
  2. Carlota Camarin (ITA) 1:04:56.28
  3. Anna Odlazek (SLO) 1:04:56.68 

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