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The National Series of Aggressive Skating Are Taking Shape for the 2017 Season in Spain

The National Series of Aggressive Skating Are Taking Shape for the 2017 Season in Spain

The national series of aggressive skating are taking shape for the 2017 Season in Spain. The first leg took place last weekend, in Barcelona, during the Imagine Extreme Barcelona.

The official categories of the news series:

  • U10
  • U13
  • U17
  • U20
  • FEM
  • U30
  • +30

The pros and amateurs series have disappeared. They are respectively replaced by the U30 mixed category and the mixed U17-U20. (The Women's category will be available according to the number of participants and is open to women 14+.)

The U30 category is divided into two groups, A and B. Group A is made of the Top-20 skaters at the national ranking, and Group B of the other skaters. Pros are part of this category. You may go up or down group A or B at the end of the season according to your ranking: the bottom-3 skaters of Group A go down, and the top-3 skaters of Group B go up.
You must be 30 to enter the O30 (or Master) category. Competitors may choose to stay in the U30 category up to the age of 33. You cannot change your category back once you've entered the O30.

Further Information: www.ligarollerblading.com

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