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Matter Wheels - Beat your best

Matter Wheels - Beat your best

Matter racing wheels have been at the forefront of wheel innovation and development for over a decade. Together with Powerslide they have revolutionized the sport of inline speed skating and developed products which have led to record breaking performances. As we enter a new generation for Matter racing we have developed new wheels that are again set to catapult skaters onto the podium. The Propel wheel has been specifically designed to work best for high level track racing. A totally new concept for the racing world, the Propel wheel has been engineered to turn left faster than anything else before. Our 125mm collection has had a huge upgrade in performance with the CHR core. This core is designed to firstly designed to be faster. The increase in speed comes from the fact that the CHR core is slightly more flexible and stable, so therefore you can push harder than ever before.

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