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A Dantesque 2017 Engadin Marathon

A Dantesque 2017 Engadin Marathon

The participants of the 2017 Skating Marathon of Engadin will remember this extraordinary edition for a very long time! The (theoretically) fastest marathon in the world unfolded in the snow, with temperatures close to 0°C, on a wet and slippery road. Knowing the course and the impressive slope that's in it, we can't but take our hats off to the 400 skaters of 25 different nationalities who took the start in Saint-Moritz!

This year, the race was also the Masters European Marathon Championship. The start was given at 9 am. After 1 hour and 5 minutes of race, Yves Reist (SUI), Christian Kromoser (AUT) and Guillaume De Mallevoue (FRA) crossed the finish line.

The first woman, Katja Ulbrich (GER) finished in 1 hour and 13 minutes, followed by Flurina Heim (SUI) and Silvana Gämperli (LIE). A huge number of contestants gave up before the start. Wiser, maybe. Amongst those who did take the start, some suffered falls, others experienced cold shocks. The least to say is that skating suits are not meant for that kind of weather conditions! Congratulations to each and everyone of them, whether they did finish the race or not.

A Few Pictures of the Race

Women's Scratch Ranking

RankSurname, NameRaceCategoryNationClubTime
1.Ulbrich, KatjaMarathonDamenGERTS Bayreuth/Rollenshop-Powerslide01:13:23
2.Heim, FlurinaMarathonDamenSUISpeedskater Zug01:16:51
3.Rossow, SabrinaEC MastersDamen O30GERTSSC ERFURT01:18:51
4.Martinez De Lafuente Sagasti, IdoiaEC MastersDamen O30ESPBASQUE COUNTRY - SELECCION EUSKADI01:18:51
5.Röhr, SilkeEC MastersDamen O40GERVfR Büttgen 1912 e.V. / Team Germany01:18:54
6.Kloss, ChristianeEC MastersDamen O40GEREV Dresden01:18:54
7.Malle, KarineEC MastersDamen O40FRAEQUIPE DE FRANCE01:18:56
8.Gämperli, SilvanaMarathonDamen O30LIE 01:19:46
9.Weindorf, KarinaEC MastersDamen O40GER 01:20:03
10.Gabriel, KarinMarathonDamen O30SUIInlineclub Greifensee01:23:42
11.Sick, MonikaEC MastersDamen O40SUILISC-201001:25:02
12.Caniatti, DesianaEC MastersDamen O50ITAASD Skating Club Rovigo01:25:12
13.Karabova, RenataEC MastersDamen O30SVKTeam Slovakia01:25:15
14.Leschner, KatrinEC MastersDamen O50GEREisschnelllauf-Club Chemnitz01:31:03
15.Heim, RonjaMarathonDamenSUI 01:31:03
16.Duspivova, HanaEC MastersDamen O30CZETEMPISH / EV Dresden01:31:04
17.Buholzer, SonjaEC MastersDamen O40SUIInline Team LLV Flüss01:31:12
18.Duplenne, GaelleEC MastersDamen O40FRAEQUIPE DE FRANCE01:31:26
19.Pilloud, AndreeMarathonDamen O40FRARoller Skate Pontarlier01:32:34
20.Künzi, NicoleMarathonDamen O40SUIEmmenskaters01:33:37

Men's Scratch Ranking

RankSurname, NameRaceCategoryNationClubTime
1.Reist, YvesMarathonHerrenSUICHAUVIN ARNOUX01:05:47
2.Kromoser, ChristianMarathonHerrenAUTwww.Top-Skates.com01:05:48
3.De Mallevoue, GuillaumeMarathonHerrenFRARollerblade World Team01:05:49
4.Znotins, ReinisMarathonHerrenLATPowerslide Laimite01:05:49
5.Küng, AdrianMarathonHerren O30SUIPowerslide Swiss / Out on Street01:05:50
6.Giraudeau, QuentinMarathonHerrenFRARollerblade World Team01:05:51
7.Lindner, SörenEC MastersHerren O30GERSCC Skating Berlin01:09:00
8.Laval, NicolasEC MastersHerren O30FRAEQUIPE DE FRANCE01:10:15
9.Terroine, ChristopheEC MastersHerren O30FRAEQUIPE DE FRANCE01:10:16
10.Aleman Sanchez, AlbertoEC MastersHerren O30ESPEl Pilar Marianistas01:10:18
11.Uriarte Perez De Albeniz, SergioEC MastersHerren O30ESPBASQUE COUNTRY - SELECCION EUSKADI01:10:25
12.Veraguth, SilvanoMarathonHerrenSUIPowerslide Swiss / Out on Street01:11:56
13.Pape, MarkusEC MastersHerren O30GERder-rollenshop.de Powerslide RACING01:12:15
14.Castro Vilariño, Jorge EnriqueEC MastersHerren O30ESPEl Pilar Marianistas01:12:15
15.Solas Ruiz, MikelEC MastersHerren O30ESPEl Pilar Marianistas01:12:16
16.Cicognani, MicheleEC MastersHerren O50ITApattinatori italiani01:12:20
17.Siringo, LucianoEC MastersHerren O30ITAARETUSA Skate inline01:12:20
18.Hagemann, SaschaEC MastersHerren O30GERSCC Skating Berlin / TONI CARBONI Racing Team01:12:22
19.Bussmann, FrankEC MastersHerren O40GERNationalmannschaft Deutschland01:13:02
20.Serena, EmanueleEC MastersHerren O40ITAA.S.C.O. Skating Concorezzo01:13:02

Browse the pictures here, or the official gallery here, and the full general ranking here

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